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Pop Email services
Nexus Internet Services offers POP email accounts with or with out hosting. All you need is a domain name.

We offer POP3 email accounts by packages of 10. This is completely independent of hosting package Pop accounts, and is more often purchased by those who do not have or do not need web hosting at this time, but simply need a domain name and email.

These packages are called Email Paks. Each Email Pak is $16.95 per year per domain.

Also, all POP3 accounts come with a webmail interface, and can be used in either outlook, eudora, netscapte, or any other POP3 capable email client, from any web browser, anywhere on the planet. The webmail interface is very similar to what you may see at hotmail, or yahoo for when you are away from home or the office.

Please note in order to be able to order Email Packs you must have your domain registered with or transferred to Nexus Internet Services and be attached to your domain account. Just select the POP3 option from the Mail Settings menu to purchase and configure your pop pack.

If you do not have an account you can click here to sign up for a FREE Nexus Internet Services domain account.
Need Help configuring your email client to use our Pop/Smtp mail?

Use one of these guides:

Only $16.95/yr (per domain)
(price listed is per email pack of 10 POP3 Accounts)

Click Here to register a new domain
Click Here to transfer your existing domains

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