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DNS Hosting

Do not use this form to register a new domain name. This form is to host a name in our name servers that has already been registered at another registrar. For example, if you already registered the name "myname.com" and you would like to use our DNS name servers to host the name, then type the name in the field below. The "myname" part of the domain name is the SLD (second-level-name) and the "com" part of the name is the TLD (top-level-name). Do not forget to modify your name record at wherever you registered your name to point to our name servers. The current price for hosting a domain name is $7.95/yr .

Domain Name to be Hosted:

(Once Submitted this can not be changed)

Note : a "nameserver" is the computer that matches your name up with where you want the name to go. It hosts your domainname.
A "webserver" is the computer where your website resides. It hosts your website.
In order for this name to function correctly, you must add all of the DNS servers we specify to you, to your domainname's configuration. Upon making that change, it will take aprox 12-48 hours to propogate and become effective world wide.


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